Winter 2022

We publish Bowdoin Magazine three times a year and send it free of charge to all Bowdoin alumni, parents of current and recent undergraduates, members of the senior class, faculty and staff, and members of the Association of Bowdoin Friends.

Inside the Winter 2022 issue:

Bowdoin Magazine, Winter 2022 cover imageFeatures
  • A Kaleidoscopic Unfolding

    Artist James Michalopoulos ’74 has been influenced by the colorful, confounding streets of New Orleans, and in turn has influenced them.

  • Because of Women

    Coeducation reflected change in our wider society, but it also sparked it, making Bowdoin better in the process.

  • The Power (and the Problem) of Metaphor

    Metaphors serve as shortcuts to understanding—but they’re not always benign. A conversation with professors Eric Chown and Fernando Nascimento.



  • The Courage to Fall in Love: Mai Libman ’00 had a rocky relationship with Bowdoin, and it wasn’t until many years after graduation that she reconnected and found her community here.

  • Stephanie Frost, senior vice president for development and alumni relations, talks about creating a welcome space for all alumni.