• Surviving through Secrecy

    Amherst’s Stavans on Crypto-Jews: “A People Within a People”

    Ilan Stavans, a leading scholar on Jewish culture in the Hispanic world, shares his thoughts on why many Jews kept their faith a secret for centuries. He also voices concerns over the rise in hate crime in recent years, particularly the increase in

  • After Bowdoin

    Emily Weinberger ’15
    Talk About It

    After challenging and formidable work with the Bellevue Juvenile Justice Mental Health Service, Emily Weinberger ’15 began a PhD program at Fordham University studying clinical psychology with a concentration in child forensics.

  • In Their Own Words

    The author with her idol.
    Common Ground

    In meeting her literary idol at Commencement last spring, Anuoluwapo Asaolu ’19 found a new sense of home.

  • Crowdsourcing the Common Good

    The Willners
    Good Influencers

    In June, Charlotte ’06 and Dave Willner ’06 started an online fundraiser with a goal of $1,500 in an effort to reunite one immigrant or refuge family separated by the government. They reached that goal in twenty-two minutes.

  • Longing for Moscow!

    Capturing the Essence of Chekhov

    Bowdoin student actors recently tackled a new adaptation of one of Russian theater’s most outstanding plays. Under the direction of theater professor Abigail Killeen, they staged several performances of Anton Chekov’s “Three

  • Autumn Entree

    Cinnamon sticks are an ingredient in the recipe.
    Dine: Wok-Baked Five-Spice Chicken

    Chris Toy ’77 is a retired teacher and principal who has been teaching Asian cooking techniques in southern and midcoast Maine for thirty years.

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