Fall 2022

We publish Bowdoin Magazine three times a year and send it free of charge to all Bowdoin alumni, parents of current and recent undergraduates, members of the senior class, faculty and staff, and members of the Association of Bowdoin Friends.

Inside the Fall 2022 issue:

Bowdoin Magazine, Fall 2022Features
  • Finding the Pieces

    Ed Burton ’91 pieces together information in painstaking searches to make good on a pledge to leave no soldier behind.

  • The Responsibility Is Personal

    Dean Claudia Marroquin ’06 talks about the challenges of her work, the importance of kindness, and the role her personal story plays in assembling a Bowdoin class.

  • Larger Than Everything

    Water is all around us in the landscape at Bowdoin, but it’s also ubiquitous in a place you might not expect—the classroom.


  • Honoring the Animals: In caring for a world of creatures, veterinarian Carl Spielvogel ’13 has learned a few things.


Golden Owens


Eric Ebeling ’97

  • Eric Ebeling ’98 steers a shipping company through geopolitics and other heavy weather.