Spring/Summer 2019

We publish Bowdoin Magazine three times a year and send it free of charge to all Bowdoin alumni, parents of current and recent undergraduates, members of the senior class, faculty and staff, and members of the Association of Bowdoin Friends.

Inside the Spring/Summer 2019 issue:

Bowdoin Magazine cover, spring/summer 2019Features
  • Ahead of the Curve

    Bowdoin Teacher Scholars engage in a rigorous, classroom-based program that prepares them for one of our society's essential professions.

  • Words of Change

    Language is not a fixed construct; it lives and breaths and evolves with the people who speak it.

  • Little Things Matter

    Entomologist Alex Wild ’95, takes stunning photographs that combine science and art, inspiring us to look closely at some of our tiniest, and often misunderstood, neighbors.


  • Lunch with Link: Athletic trainer emeritus Mike Linkovich holds frequent court in Thorne Dining Hall.

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