Roux Center for the Environment

The Roux Center for the Environment supports faculty and students across the environmental disciplines at Bowdoin College. Its design is intended to facilitate a new way of teaching, learning and scholarship.


Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Warren Construction Group, Inc. - Freeport, ME

Jeff Goldberg/Esto


The Roux Center for the Environment is a three-story 29,167 sf academic building located at the corner of Harpswell Road and College Street. The structure consist of classrooms, teaching labs, research labs, faculty offices, conference rooms, common spaces/corridors, ancillary storage spaces as well as other miscellaneous support spaces.

The Roux Center will leverages the interdisciplinary pedagogy already common among the academic departments envisioned as users of the facility. As a center of environmental education, the facility also serves as a teaching lab of sustainable and innovative building technologies.

Awards: 2018 - U. S. Green Building Certification LEED Platinum