Lectures and Concerts

The Lectures and Concerts Committee reviews applications from the faculty for assistance in funding events that enhance the academic life of the College, including lectures, discussions, readings, workshops, concerts, and dance and theatrical performances.


Application Deadlines:
September 13, 2023
November 29, 2023
January 24, 2024
April 30, 2024


The awards are drawn from funds allocated to the Committee from the College’s operating budget, from the Jasper Jacob Stahl Fund, the Annie Talbot Cole Lectureship, the Charles F. Adams Lectureship, the Blythe Bickel Edwards Fund, and several endowed lecture funds. Outside appearances by a speaker, artist, or performer sponsored by Lectures and Concerts must be sponsored by an academic department or faculty member.

Please note that the Committee does not fund academic symposia. Faculty interested in hosting a symposium should apply to the dean's office or contact the Dean for Academic Affairs.

Application Procedure

To apply for funding through the Lectures and Concerts Committee please submit an application as a PDF attachment to landcproposals@bowdoin.edu. The PDF should be one document that has both the application and the speaker's C.V. No other formats will be accepted.

The committee strongly encourages applicants to plan their events well in advance and discourages retroactive applications.  The committee will give precedence to applications for events scheduled at least a month in the future.  The April deadline is reserved for events in the subsequent (fall) semester or beyond.  Applications for events that have already occurred may not receive funding.

Early submission of applications will allow the Committee to assist you with successful preparation for your event. You are asked to describe the proposed event as fully as possible (i.e., not only public lectures and performances but class visits, informal social meetings, meals, and receptions, etc.). Careful explanations of budgets and any sources of supplementary funding will also strengthen the proposal.
  • Applicants will be notified of approval or denial of their request by the Committee chair.
  • Use the college scheduling system  or contact the campus scheduler (ext. 3421);
  • To arrange for dining on campus, call ext. 3181;
  • Audio-visual needs should be made early in the planning process. In the case of theatrical or musical performances, Bowdoin’s audio-visual services department may advise seeking outside assistance from a production company. Applicants should contact AV services department prior to applying so as to plan for such substantial additional costs in the proposed budget. Applicants should also be aware that consent forms must be completed by all non-Bowdoin participants prior to the recording of any event by AV services.

Guidelines for honoraria: The Committee acknowledges that honoraria vary widely among fields and according to the stature of the presenter or performer invited and the extent of their involvement on campus. Honoraria should be in keeping with disciplinary norms and not normally exceed $500 for a single speaker or artist. Honoraria requests that exceed either disciplinary norms or Committee guidelines must be thoroughly explained in the application and other sources of funding should be sought. No honorarium amount should ever be quoted to a speaker or performer prior to approval by the Committee.