Summer Working Groups

The Dean for Academic Affairs office is pleased to support faculty summer working groups engaged in curricular and pedagogical development during the summer (between June 1 and August 15). We encourage summer working group efforts by groups of faculty within one or across multiple departments and programs.

As always, we welcome applications from summer working groups that focus on: 

  • Curricular and/or pedagogical innovations and initiatives that advance inclusive excellence
  • Preparation for a department/program external review
  • Preparation of a reauthorization request for an allocated faculty line

For summer 2024, we also encourage working groups that engage with the following topics, with the option to invite a facilitator to part or all of the working session if helpful:

  • Accessibility, e.g. course materials, field trips, etc. (consult Juli Haugen, digital accessibility consultant; see also the Accessibility website)
  • Artificial intelligence (consult Dale Syphers, chair of CoTCP’s AI subcommittee; see also the Managing AI and Teaching with AI modules on Resources for Faculty and Instructors on Canvas)
  • Departmental faculty workload equity projects/dashboard (consult Dharni Vasudevan; see also Resources for Faculty and Instructors on Canvas)
  • Departmental learning goals


Application Deadline: 
     Friday, May 3, 2024

Submit to: