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Three students participate in Bowdoin's THRIVE science program.
Three students participate in Bowdoin's THRIVE science program.
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Tackling Brahms

mckee '20
Climbing a Musical Mountain

Bowdoin senior Anne McKee is preparing to perform one of the greatest pieces of music for the violin: the Violin Concerto in D Major by Johannes Brahms. In her spare time, she runs up mountains!

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Running the Numbers

Hear some tips from Symone Marie '22 and the Student Aid Office on how you can afford Bowdoin.

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Bee Business: The Mysterious Relationship Between Bee Behavior and Nectar

Bowdoin biologist Patty Jones is fascinated by the push and pull of evolution—how a species' brain and behavior shape the evolution of traits in organisms around them, and vice versa.

Bowdoin Book Lecture

Painting of Julius Caesar

Associate Professor of English Aaron Kitch on “The Passion and Politics of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.” How does Shakespeare construct the political world of Rome in Julius Caesar? How does the play reimagine Caesar’s world and make that world relevant for early modern England? For today?

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Martha Swan Flagg (1821–1853), ca. 1830, watercolor and ink, attributed to Rufus Porter

Laura F. Sprague, senior consulting curator for the decorative arts, and Justin Wolff, associate professor of art history at the University of Maine, lead a tour of the new exhibition Rufus Porter’s Curious World: Art and Invention in America, 1815–1860.

At Bowdoin, we work together, instead of competing against each other.

(Except for intramurals. Those are very serious.)