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Students talk on a windy day at Bowdoin.
Students talk on a windy day at Bowdoin.
'Tis the season for Polar Bear weather.
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AFAM50 weekend celebrations
A Weekend of Reunions, Recognitions, and Rejoicing

Bowdoin celebrated its fifty-year anniversary of Africana studies, the John Brown Russwurm African American Center, and the African American Society with nearly 500 members of the Bowdoin community.

The Best Way to End a Long Night (or Start a Day)

Frosty's storefront
4 a.m. Trip to Frosty's: A Student Rite

Treating yourself to a fresh, warm donut at the end of a long night of studying is a student tradition at Bowdoin.

A Literary Voyage

A student listens to a poem
An Evening of Poetry in Nine Languages

At a recent evening dedicated to poetry from around the world, students recited poems in Arabic, Spanish, Ancient Greek, Italian, Russian, French, Korean, and Japanese. English translations were provided.

Veterans Day Remembrance

A cropped close-up of David Alphonso Lane in 1916
Orator, Soldier, Educator: David Alphonso Lane, Class of 1917

The fifth African American to graduate from Bowdoin, David Alphonso Lane Jr. (1895–1985), had a shining career as a student and a US serviceman. In between his military assignments—in both WWI and WWII—he became a leading educator.

Sexism in Jazz

Jazz and #MeToo

Associate Professor of American Vernacular Music Tracy McMullen reflects on the difficulties of being a woman in the male-dominated world of jazz.

The Bowdoin Family

Bowdoin Family Weekend family, son is wearing a bowtie
Families Bring Out the Best of Bowdoin

Family Weekend is a time of celebration at Bowdoin, with concerts, performances, talks, outing club adventures, a research symposium, and other events packing the three-day schedule.

No Hate November

Patrick Dempsey in a Bowdoin sweatshirt, image courtesy of ABC.

This event aims to provide greater visibility to the experiences of people living with dyslexia and the broader topic of ability. Patrick Dempsey and Marcus Williams, BSG Chair of Diversity and Inclusion, will hold a dialogue based on their personal experiences growing up with dyslexia and the broader topic of ability.

Open to the Public

Rodney Evans

Filmmaker Rodney Evans will present a screening of his documentary Vision Portraits, which chronicles the experiences of several blind artists, including photographer John Dugdale and writer Ryan Knighton. Focusing on the ways each artist is affected by their vison loss and how their creative process thrives in spite of their blindness, the film also includes filmmaker Evans himself.

"To count Nature a familiar acquaintance, and Art an intimate friend—"

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