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MLK at Bowdoin with text of his Letter from a Birmingham Jail
MLK at Bowdoin College, 1964
We honor a life and a legacy. Listen to the recording of MLK's 1964 speech at Bowdoin, and watch a video about the students who brought him to campus.
—Overlay: A handwritten copy of ‘Letter From a Birmingham Jail.’ AP Photo/Richard Drew.
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Hiking in the Dark

adam levy
Optimization in Practice: The Utility of Mathematics

What do the following—planning an airline hub, political gerrymandering, and a museum renovation—have in common? They’re all problems that can be tackled by mathematicians using a process called optimization.

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What First-Year Students Forgot to Bring When They Arrived on Campus

It's inevitable. After we've shoved all the suitcases, lamps, posters, school supplies, pillows, and blankets into our cars and hit the road to start an exciting new life chapter, the dreaded feeling sinks in...

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