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Women of Bowdoin prepare for the annual RISE show.
Women of Bowdoin prepare for the annual RISE show.
RISE: Untold Stories of Bowdoin Women. Three incredible shows this weekend—grab the link and password in CampusGroups.
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Academic Accolades

Sunlight through Bowdoin trees in autumn.
Eight Professors Appointed to Named Chairs

Eight Bowdoin professors—including one assistant and one associate professor—have been appointed to named chairs at the College in recognition of their achievements as scholars and educators.

A Record Year

Fulbright Top Producer logo, 2020-2021
Bowdoin Tops Fulbright US Student List

Bowdoin students win more Fulbright awards than any other comparable US college or university. The latest rankings show twenty-four Polar Bears were offered the prestigious study-abroad grants in the current academic year.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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The Work Ahead
Bowdoin has identified the key work that will be done in 2021 to address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with the metrics that will be used to measure progress. Read more »

Mapping the Past

Evan Brown map
GIS: A Different Approach to History

Historian Patrick Rael teamed up with geographer Aaron Gilbreath to offer a new type of history class. American History through GIS uses geographic information systems to offer a more data-driven approach to the subject.

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