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A Bowdoin student works on a computer with her professor.
A Bowdoin student works on a computer with her professor.
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Honoring the Legacy

MLK’s 1964 Visit to Bowdoin

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited Bowdoin—at the invitation of students—in May 1964. Nearly fifty-five years later, event organizers and others who were present remember the impact of King's visit, while current Bowdoin students reflect on the power of King's message and the work that remains to fulfill his dream.

Good Friends, Great Biodiesel

Students make biodiesel in the lab.
Critical Elements: What Do Young Scientists Need to Succeed?

Each January, Bowdoin's THRIVE program offers first-year students interested in the STEM fields a two-week program to gain the research and study skills needed to advance in a number of scientific disciplines.

How Genuine Are Elections?

DR Congo Embraces Democracy?

For the first time in its fifty-nine year history, the Democratic Republic of Congo may be about to experience its first peaceful, democratic transfer of power. Professor David Gordon explains the perils and possibilities.

Real-Life Drama

satter's play
Bowdoin Grad Turns FBI Interrogation into Stage Play

New York-based theater director Tina Satter ’96 has based her latest production on the real-life interrogation of a former air force linguist now behind bars for espionage-related charges. (Photo: ©PaulaCourt)


detail of a turkish ink

Bowdoin faculty discuss the interdisciplinary intersections of art and the environment. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Material Resources: Intersections of Art and the Environment at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

Let's Play!

Members of the Bowdoin women's volleyball team

This free-of-charge community event is designed to introduce young women to a wide range of sports: basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball.

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