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Students share a laugh during the Bowdoin new student welcome ceremony
Two students share a laugh outside at Bowdoin College.
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“Influence Games”

irfan TN
How Does Our Social Network Influence Our Behavioral Choices?

Computer scientist Mohammad Irfan heads an exciting project exploring human interactions in networks. The research could have implications for many fields, from public health to energy pricing to congressional voting patterns.

Waste Not Want Not

Gleaning Fellow Helps Feed the Hungry

Anne McKee ’20 has been doing her bit for food security recently. For her summer fellowship she’s been working with a local nonprofit in the field of gleaning, the practice of harvesting surplus crops to give to those in need.

Harlem LAX

Empowerment through Sport

Rising junior Kendall Rogers takes his passion for lacrosse to the at-risk youth of Harlem, where he is volunteering with a community nonprofit—one of about a hundred Bowdoin students pursuing funded internships over the break.

Exploring Friendship

A Lifelong Ambition Realized

These are exciting times for Josephine (Vodicka) Cameron ’98. This year she published her debut novel, Maybe a Mermaid, a work of contemporary fiction aimed at elementary school readers and the first in a major two-book deal.

Tell the World

Julianna Kiley and Lily Tedford at The Telling Room
Students Help Maine Kids Tell Their Stories

Three Bowdoin students have grants from the College this summer to intern at The Telling Room, a Portland-based nonprofit that offers creative writing programs to kids throughout the state.

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