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Extended hours. Soft dogs. Snacks! We always
appreciate the library, but especially this week.
A student shares a laugh in the Bowdoin library
Students in the Bowdoin library prepare for finals
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Cookies, Latkes, and Good Cheer

Students celebrating the holidays
Holiday Festivities... Commence!

Around campus, different groups have been celebrating the holidays in all sorts of ways, and with all sorts of treats, from elaborate cookies to latkes.

Pistols at Dawn

burrhamilton duel
Ten Paces, Two Shots: The Duel as a Literary Device

“In the real world, there are rarely clearly defined winners and losers.” Professor of German Andrew Hamilton talks about the history of dueling in literature, and why it’s often a lot more complicated than we think.

A Different Way of Learning

Taking on the Romans! History through Wargaming

A couple of Bowdoin classics scholars are incorporating a passion for wargaming into their teaching. Here they discuss how one particular game deals with the Gallic revolt against Caesar.

Finals? You got this.

The Polar Bear studies for an exam

Stress is ubiquitous—we all experience it, we all suffer from its consequences, and we can all do a better job managing it. The Counseling Service is available to work with students to more effectively identify and manage stress.

In between classwork, research, and dinner, you will have free time.

Whether or not it's relaxing is up to you.