Fall 2022 courses for entering first-year students

Welcome to the class of 2026!

We look forward to being a part of your Bowdoin journey.

Click these links for more information on Fall 2022 offerings for entering students. Courses include EOS 1020, a first-year writing seminar called "Archives of Earth", and an introductory EOS course, EOS 1105 "Introducing Earth".

Earth and oceanographic science faculty and students at Bowdoin investigate fundamental questions about our planet.
We sample rocks, sediments, and shells to reconstruct Earth’s geologic history and past climates and employ satellites and scanning electron microscopes to study Earth’s systems, from the largest to smallest scales. From tracking how a harmful algal bloom develops along our coastline to learning how supervolcanos form deep within the earth, a degree in EOS opens up a world of possibilities.
Interested in Earth and oceanographic science at Bowdoin?

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