Student Research

Bowdoin students who want to engage more intensively with a subject in geology, oceanography, climate change, natural systems, or natural hazards are encouraged to propose an independent research project. Our faculty are eager to support and facilitate both independent studies and honors projects.

Student Research Opportunities

Honors Projects

Writing a thesis allows students to work closely with a faculty mentor and to pursue the significant research that leads to honors in EOS. Additionally, faculty will often hire students to assist with their own research. This can lead to an independent study or honors thesis that fits within a professor's broader research agenda.

Independent Studies

An independent study involves a semester of in-depth research supervised by a faculty advisor, equal to one course credit. Pursuing an independent study provides an excellent introduction to the kind of independent thinking that is required in both EOS graduate study and the field.

Summer Projects

Summer offers an uninterrupted expanse of time for EOS students to immerse themselves in research under the guidance of a faculty advisor. This experience often lays the groundwork for an independent study or honors project. Students can apply for a summertime research fellowship to support their project through the Student Fellowships and Research office.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Beyond Bowdoin, students can take advantage of undergraduate research positions at many labs and programs around the world. Please come see any EOS faculty member to discuss these opportunities.