Facilities and Instrumentation

Bowdoin's Department of Earth and Oceanographic Science provides students with an interdisciplinary learning community and many exciting opportunities to explore earth science both locally and globally.

The department is located in the Roux Center for the Environment, a building completed in 2018 with high-tech classrooms, teaching and research labs, meeting rooms, and "The Lantern," a light-filled atrium-auditorium. Additionally, EOS students can pursue research in the Schiller Coastal Studies Center's marine, terrestrial, and dry labs, a twenty-minute drive from campus.

Students in classes with teaching labs, as well as those conducting independent research, have access to the department's range of sophisticated calibrating and measuring instruments. These tools enable a graduate-level analysis of data.

The department also contains a large collection of mineral, rock, fossil specimens, some of them dating back to collections from the early 1800s.