Honors Projects

Research and write on a topic that fascinates you in earth and oceanographic science by completing an honors project—and creating new knowledge.

The purpose of the honors program in the Department of Earth and Oceanographic Science is to promote and recognize independent scholarship through direct, sustained engagement with science research during a student’s senior year. Participants in the honors program gain experience in diverse aspects of completing a substantive research project, including writing and public presentation.

Review the EOS Honors Guidelines for detailed information on eligibility and requirements.


For those considering honors projects, please consult with potential advisors in the spring prior to summer fellowship deadlines (typically March 1) and fall-semester course registration (mid-April).

Honors Project Milestones


The department and your project advisor will structure your deadlines to the department to support you in reaching your obligation to the Office of the Registrar for timely completion of your Honors project.

Funding Opportunities

The Office of Student Fellowships and Research can provide you with information on funding for research and travel to professional conferences during the academic year, as well as summer research fellowships.