The theater and dance program at Bowdoin offers students the opportunity to examine the ways in which theater and dance provoke the imagination, tell stories, create community, and challenge assumptions. 

Emphasis is placed on theater and dance’s fundamental connection to the liberal arts curriculum at Bowdoin, as well as theater and dance literacy, performance skills, and an understanding of historical and social influences on drama and dance. The aim is to develop imaginative theater practitioners who collaboratively solve problems of form and content with a passionate desire to express the human condition on stage.

No prior experience is expected to participate in Theater and Dance at Bowdoin.

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Spring 2024 Course Offerings

  • Advanced Design: Lighting - THTR/DANC 2303
    M/W 9:05am – 11:00am, Germán Cárdenas-Alaminos.
  • Substance and Style: Mining History to Inspire Creative Visual Storytelling - THTR/DANC 1306 
    M/W 2:50pm - 4:15pm, Anita Stewart. 
  • Intro to Hip Hop - DANC1105
    T/R 1:15pm – 3:40pm, Lindsay Rapport. 
  • Intermediate Hip Hop Repertory - DANC2406
    T/R 9:05am – 11:30am, Lindsay Rapport.
  • Dance Improvisation - DANC1104
    W/F 9:05am – 11:30am, Adanna Jones.
  • Advanced Modern Dance - DANC3211
    M/W 1:15pm – 3:40pm, Scott McPheeters.
  • Comedy in Performance - THTR3202
    T/R 1:15pm – 3:10pm, Davis Robinson. THTR3202
  • Acting II: Physical Theater - THTR2202
     T/R 9:05am – 11am, Davis Robinson.
  • Department Production - THTR1700
    M/W 1:15-3:40, Davis Robinson.
    Department Production Lab Thursdays 7pm – 10pm plus weekend time block
  • Improvisation - THTR1202
    M/W 1:15pm – 3:10pm, Lindsay Livingston.
  • Performing Freedom - THTR3508
    T/R 10:05am – 11:30am, Lindsay Livingston.
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We, as faculty and staff of the Theater and Dance Department at Bowdoin College, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Read full statement
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