The Arabic program at Bowdoin offers courses in Arabic language, literature, and culture.

Students will learn how important Arabic is for a deeper understanding of the history, politics, society, and culture of most Middle Eastern and North African countries. Arabic minors will enhance their awareness of global diversity by learning more about how important foreign languages are to imagining and understanding others’ perspectives.

In addition to focusing on developing students' fluency in Arabic, the program provides students with a broad understanding of the cultures and literatures of the Middle East and North Africa through a curriculum designed to prepare students for international work or graduate study.

The Arabic program at Bowdoin is able to accommodate students at all levels, from absolute beginners with no previous exposure to the language to students with near-native fluency in Arabic prepared to undertake in-depth study of the literature produced by this vibrant, exceptionally rich culture over the past fifteen hundred years.

For more information about the related Middle Eastern and North African Studies program, visit the MENA site.

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