Faculty Research Awards

The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) awards funds to faculty for scholarly and artistic projects.

Benefits eligible faculty are invited to apply to the FDC for support and are welcome to contact the chair of the FDC with questions. Faculty may apply to the FDC as often as needed, bearing in mind the limit on awards for a given project or year (see below), and the documentation of outcomes of previous awards. Faculty are expected to use up existing start-up or research funds before applying to the FDC or to briefly explain in their application to the FDC the purpose for which those funds are being held in reserve.

Please use the Research Application Template. See "How to Apply" section for a description of the template items.

Applications are carefully reviewed by committee members. Applicants are asked to address all items in the template and explain in detail the proposed project in a manner appropriate to their discipline, but in language that is accessible to non-specialists. Projects need to be feasible and to include an explanation of the importance of proposed travel (if applicable).

Reporting Requirement

Faculty members receiving Faculty Research Awards are expected to report briefly on the uses to which the grant was put and to describe the scholarly or artistic work resulting from the grant. These reports should be submitted as part of the Professional Activities form submitted to the Dean for Academic Affairs in the Spring.

Open Access

Unless the applicant requests otherwise in writing, any successful proposal will be available for consultation by other faculty members.

Deadlines for Submissions:

  • October 10, 2023
  • January 23, 2024
  • April 9, 2024

*Applications submitted after 11:59 pm on the deadline day will not be accepted. Proposals for retroactive funding for expenses incurred over the previous twelve-month period will be considered if funding permits.

*All applications should be submitted electronically on or before the deadline to fdc@bowdoin.edu.