Internal Faculty Leave Support

The Faculty Development Committee administers four award programs that are intended to supplement sabbatic leave salary or to supplement grants received from an external agency to make possible a full-year leave of absence. Grants can also be made to support a semester of leave that is not in combination with a sabbatical.



All tenured faculty members are eligible for leave support (salary supplement) and research support (travel, publication costs, materials, etc.). Please note that, barring exceptional circumstances, no more than one leave award will be awarded for a single project.


Deadlines for Submission

November 1, 2023
Tenured Faculty Leave Supplement Applications

April 9, 2024
Pre-Tenure Faculty Research Support Applications (for additional funding for leave)


All tenure-track faculty going up for reappointment and eligible for a pre-tenure leave the following year will receive 100% salary support for the full year of their sabbatic leave, pending successful reappointment and approval of their sabbatic request by the Dean for Academic Affairs. Once reappointed, tenure-track faculty may request additional research funding through the Faculty Development Committee during the April proposal submittal process. Please see FDC faculty research awards for further information.

Faculty Leave Awards

All tenured faculty who submit leave support proposals by November 1 will be considered for all of the below awards. Pre-tenure faculty interested in being considered for the additional support provided by the Mellon, Bowdoin Faculty Research, and Porter awards may submit a research support proposal during the Faculty Development Committee's April proposal submittal process.

How to Apply

A complete application consists of three components: a project description (items 1-3 below), a CV and a budget. All materials should be submitted electronically using the leave supplement application template and travel budget format on or before November 1 (tenured faculty) or the deadline in April (pre-tenure faculty) to The budget may be submitted in the application template or Excel format. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Applicants only need to submit one application to be considered for any of the four award programs. The Committee will consider the application for any of the programs for which the project is eligible.

Applicants should make clear to the Committee the special benefit to be gained from a leave of absence or the addition of a semester to a sabbatical semester. Award amounts and details differ by fellowship. Applicants do not need to state their salaries in their applications, as the final calculations will be performed in the Dean’s Office. The Committee will not have access to confidential salary information.

Additional Information

Should the Committee have to decide between two meritorious proposals, only one of which comes from an individual with an approved upcoming sabbatical, preference will be given to that person. In addition, support will generally not be awarded to fund a third consecutive semester of leave. A recipient of an award who is also in receipt of external funding can retain that portion of the award that would bring their salary to a maximum of 100 percent for a semester of leave in addition to the sabbatic semester.


As described in the Faculty Handbook, you must submit a brief report of your sabbatic activities to the dean’s office within three months of your return from leave. You should send the report by email to the dean’s office ( and we will place it in your file. These reports are very helpful when we report to donors who support faculty development activities.

Share Your Work:
You are encouraged to contribute to the intellectual community of the college by sharing your scholarly and artistic work at a faculty lunch seminar or other college events.  An associate dean or a staff member from the office of the dean for academic affairs will reach out with an invitation.