Faculty Seminar Series

Spring 2020 Update

For the remainder of the semester, we will be holding  Zoom gatherings, Faculty Seminar 2.0, at the scheduled dates and times listed below. 

12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Faculty Seminar 2.0 Zoom Gatherings

Tues., Jan 28 Allison Cooper (Romance Languages and Literatures)

"From the Close-Up to Computer Vision: Analyzing Film Language in the Digital Era"

Wed., Feb 5 Rick Broene (Chemistry)
“SaranWrap not Asphalt: Cobalt Catalyzed Alkene Dimerization”

Tues., Feb 11 Erika Nyhus (Neuroscience and Psychology)
"Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Long-term Memory""

Wed., Feb 19 Dallas Denery (History)
"Bad History”

Tues., Feb 25 Eileen Johnson (Envirsonmental Studies)

“The Language of Climate Adaptation”

Wed., March 4 Hannah Reese (Psychology)
"Expanding Treatment Options and Access for Individuals with Tourette Syndrome: A Mindfulness-based Approach"

Wed., April 1 Maintaining Equity and Inclusion in On-Line Learning (zoom meeting)
Join Dean Liz McCormack and Associate Deans Elizabeth Pritchard and Steve Perkinson to discuss the various challenges our students are currently experiencing and to formulate reasonable expectations of students and faculty in the interest of maintaining equity and inclusion in our on-line instruction.

Tues., April 21
Faculty Resilience in Challenging Times (zoom meeting)
How has the shift to on-line instruction upended your life? We all struggle with work-life balance, what happens when work takes up residence in your life? How have you managed to stay connected amidst “social distancing?” What questions and/or suggestions do you have for self-care, wellness, and support? Katie Byrnes, Director of the Baldwin Center for Teaching and Learning and Bernie Hershberger, Director of Counseling Services and Wellness Programs will co-facilitate a discussion on staying physically and emotionally strong in the midst of a pandemic.

Wed., April 29
Epic Fails and Tiny Victories: Adventures in On-Line Teaching (zoom meeting)
As we conclude this unprecedented semester, let’s have some real talk about how we all did. What was especially hard? Surprisingly effective? What were the highlights? Lowlights? Has this experience changed the way you will teach no matter the format? How so? Associate Dean Rachel Beane, who also taught this semester, will facilitate the conversation.