Transfer Applicants

Bowdoin welcomes applications from students hoping to transfer their enrollment from another college or university.

Transfer applicants should submit the Common Application by the March 1 deadline. Bowdoin requires both high school and college transcripts for admission. We also require the College Report and two academic evaluations from faculty at your current institution.

Selection and Criteria

Transfer admission to Bowdoin is extremely competitive; we are able to admit only a small percentage of those students seeking to transfer. We generally receive between 150-200 transfer applications, and we admit five to twenty candidates. Bowdoin offers a fall transfer program and, on rare occasions, mid-year admission. The March 1 application deadline is the same for fall transfer and for mid-year admission the following spring.

Although Bowdoin sets no cut-off guidelines, successful candidates usually submit college work of honors quality: "B" work or better, or a GPA of no lower than 3.0.

Transfer applications are reviewed in March and April. Candidates are notified of their admissions decisions in late April or early May.

For more information about transfer admission, please contact Anne Springer in the admissions office.