Costs and Aid

Why don't we call it tuition? We do! But the cost of college includes more than just tuition, and we want to help families account for this in their budgets and planning.

Tuition $55,822
Housing $7,372
Board (19-meal plan) * $7,988
Fees $528
Subtotal ** $71,710
Books $840
Personal Expenses $1,250
Travel ***  varies
Total Estimated Expenses $73,800

* Varies depending upon board plan selected.

** These charges reflect "billed charges" by the College per semester/year; grants/scholarships and any loan resources reduce billed charges.

*** Varies depending on student's permanent residence.

This page is meant to be an overview and an introduction to costs and student aid at Bowdoin.

When you're ready to talk about detailed numbers and processes, the Office of Student Aid employs five of the best listeners we've ever met. They work with each applicant's family, one-on-one.

More information:

Información en Español (PDF)

Here's what you need to know about aid at Bowdoin:

  • We're need blind: a family's ability to pay is not a factor in admission.

  • Nearly half of all enrolled students receive aid, with the average grant totaling just over $47,500.

  • Bowdoin grants range from $1,200 to $73,800 and our aid packages are loan-free

  • We waive the $65 application fee for any student applying for financial aid or who will be the first in their family to attend college.

We are committed to helping make a Bowdoin education affordable. We're ready to work closely with you on a one-on-one basis and do the best we can to ensure your financial circumstances allow your student to attend Bowdoin. We're serious—just ask us.

College Cost Calculator

Estimate your potential aid package by answering six basic questions to get a sense of what you can expect to pay at Bowdoin. (This tool does not apply to Canadian or other international students.)


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