Every Step of the Way: Student Aid at Bowdoin
Bowdoin’s financial support is behind you throughout your college journey—going well beyond tuition, housing, and food to include things like studying abroad, internships, personal computing, and more.

This means you can concentrate on just being a Bowdoin student.

And, when you graduate, you can focus on whatever comes next—without student debt limiting your options.


  • Our highest priority is making a Bowdoin education affordable for everyone. You can contact our student aid officers and use our aid estimators before you even apply

  • The application fee is automatically waived if you are applying for aid, or if you are the first in your family to go to college.

  • More than half of Bowdoin students in the most recent entering class receive aid. Of those aided students, 29 percent pay $0.


  • Bowdoin’s student aid is need based. This means our scholarship and grant support is determined based on your individual family situation.

  • Bowdoin is need blind for all applicants, which means that your ability to pay is never a factor or barrier to admission.

  • Bowdoin meets your full calculated need using need-based scholarships—not loans—which never have to be paid back.

  • The average financial aid package for students in the most recent entering class is $69,000, with need-based Bowdoin scholarships ranging from $8,950 to $82,900.

  • Health insurance coverage is available to students on financial aid who don’t have comparable plans of their own.


  • You’ll receive your student aid award with your admission letter, so you can make decisions and start planning right away.

  • For students whose combined parental income is less than $75,000, the summer work contribution of $2,300 is replaced with need-based scholarship.

  • Your student aid award is calculated to include tuition, housing, food, and a budget for indirect costs—to help you cover things like personal expenses, books, and transportation.
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  • Every Bowdoin student receives a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an Apple Pencil—yours to keep upon graduation.

  • On-campus employment is available to all students, with wages ranging from $14.50 to $16.75 an hour. Campus jobs are usually between five and ten hours per week, and are capped at twenty hours.

  • Your student aid award can be used to cover the cost of studying abroad.

  • If you are pursuing a summer internship in a field that can’t afford to pay interns—often the case for nonprofits and in areas like public service, education, and the arts—Bowdoin’s funded internship grants can provide a stipend of up to $7,000.


  • Because Bowdoin scholarships never have to be repaid, you can expand your options for employment or graduate school—without navigating a mountain of debt.

  • Bowdoin offers more than $400,000 in graduate and medical school scholarships to seniors and alumni who are applying to or attending postgraduate programs of study.

Connect with us to learn more about student aid at Bowdoin