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Bowdoin attracts the smartest, kindest people on earth, where they work together to ask questions and tackle big problems. Hearing that—you probably have someone in mind. We can help them afford it.

Bowdoin has a history of prioritizing access in admissions. 

We value engagement with our counselor and CBO partners:

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Key Dates

ED1 Deadline: November 15
ED2 and RD Deadline: January 5

Bowdoin accepts the Common Application and the Coalition on Scoir application and is a QuestBridge partner.


Support at Bowdoin goes beyond our comprehensive aid packages and need-blind admission policy.

We strive for an equitable college experience for students who are the first in their families to go to college or who come from low-income backgrounds or traditionally underrepresented groups. This means full-need financial support, supplemented with concentrated efforts and resources geared toward achievement, belonging, mentorship, and transition.

THRIVE Program

Bowdoin’s THRIVE program is a college-wide initiative to ensure low-income students, first-generation students, and students traditionally underrepresented in college have access to additional support and feel more engaged in order to maximize the opportunities available to them on campus.

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Geoffrey Canada Scholars Program

The Geoffrey Canada Scholars program is part of the College’s THRIVE initiative. Selected students participate in this cohort program starting with a Summer Institute prior to their first year of college and continue participating throughout their undergraduate years, during which time they receive timely support tailored to their needs. 

Funded Internships

Meaningful internship experience doesn’t always come with a paycheck.

Students can apply for funded internships, which provide a stipend to pursue interests in fields that can't always afford to pay interns. They can also cover living expenses and travel costs to paid internships, making them accessible to more students and their families. 

First Generation Students

21 percent of Bowdoin's first-year class (Class of 2027) are first generation to college students. Hear from them why they chose Bowdoin, what's been most challenging, and how they cope with pressures and demands. 

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Diversity and Inclusion

A commitment to the common good means working, every day, to welcome more diverse perspectives.
We look at an applicant's grades, recommendations, and character. Not their family's income.

Here's how need-blind admission works at Bowdoin