For Counselors

A hearty Maine welcome to college counselors and guidance professionals!

We are thrilled that you are looking for more information about Bowdoin College and we hope this page gathers the answers to some of your questions.

Our students provide many reasons for choosing Bowdoin and the answers, as personal as they are, tend to point to some of the long-standing values and personality of Bowdoin. We are built on the principle of the common good—to recognize the opportunity for learners to both consume and contribute at the same time. Our students are motivated, and curious, and they expect to collaborate, to share, and honor the differences they bring to the conversation.

Likewise, Bowdoin’s admission practices honor the same values we expect from our students—deliberate and thoughtful consideration, and respect for each individual applicant.

We invite you to call and talk with any of our admissions or student aid staff.

Whitney Soule
Dean of Admissions and Student Aid

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We have a history of prioritizing access in admissions:

We look at an applicant's grades, recommendations, and character. Not their family's income.

Here's how need-blind admission works at Bowdoin