Bowdoin Funded Fellowships and Internships

Each year, the Office of Student Fellowships and Research compiles a list of students who received College-funded awards to undertake meaningful research and internship experiences. These awards are made possible through several funding programs at Bowdoin.

Student Fellowships and Research Program.  Our office annually awards between 60-70 fellowships supported by multiple funding sources. These fellowships are open to students from all disciplines. The majority of awards are made during the spring semester and support independent, faculty-mentored summer research.  

Departmental Fellowships Program Numerous departments/offices on campus offer and administer their own fellowships, which are usually open to students from a particular discipline. The application processes, award decisions, and administration of these fellowships are made at the departmental level, or in the case of a grant funded program, by the relevant committee formed to oversee the implementation of the grant. Therefore, the submission deadlines, notification dates, and award packages vary by department and fellowship. 

Student Faculty Research Grant Fellowships. These are made possible when a Bowdoin faculty member is awarded a grant from an outside funding source such as the National Science Foundation or the National Institutes for Health.  If the faculty member's grant includes funding for a student fellowship, that faculty member is free to award a fellowship to the student(s) of his or her choice. 

Funded Internships.  Bowdoin's Career Planning Center, Environmental Studies Program, and McKeen Center for the Common Good offer a number of funded internships/fellowship opportunities. These grants and fellowships allow students to pursue summer experiences that would not otherwise be paid.