Summer Funding Opportunities

The Office of Student Fellowships and Research supports funding opportunities for students engaging in research and language study over the summer.

Research Fellowships

Each spring, the Office of Student Fellowships and Research awards research fellowships to around 70 current Bowdoin students, enabling them to engage in independent, faculty-mentored research and enrich their undergraduate experience.                                                                                       

Language Study

The pilot Summer Language Study Program funds a small number of students to pursue intensive language study over the summer. The award is designed to support students on financial aid for whom the opportunity would be impossible without this support.

Students find that immersing themselves in a particular research question or language study program gives them a chance to personalize their undergraduate experience. These opportunities often serve as a springboard for independent study, honors projects, and other advanced academic pursuits, and can be invaluable for students considering graduate study and national fellowships.

However your interests evolve, you will find that you will draw upon the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained through these enhanced learning opportunities for years to come.