Optional Video Response

Video Response

Bowdoin offers applicants the option to record a short video response to supplement their application materials. The video response is completely optional but affords you the opportunity to add a different dimension to your application.

Completing the Video Response

The link to record your video response will available in your Bowdoin Application Portal once you have submitted your application to Bowdoin.

When you initiate the video response, you will receive a randomly selected question and have 30 seconds to prepare your answer. After 30 seconds of reflection, the video will begin recording your two-minute response. You will have an opportunity to review your response and, if you choose, rerecord the response a single time. If you choose to rerecord your response the first response cannot be recovered and the second response will become the video put forward for review. The deadline to complete a video response corresponds to the deadline for your application round. Review our application deadlines.

Video Response Prompts

There is no specific information you need to prepare before completing the video response, and the prompts are not trick questions. The prompt you receive will ask you to reflect on your own lived experience and does not require outside sources or information. Keep in mind that your response will be limited to two minutes and structure your response accordingly.

Technology Needs and Problems

You will need access to a computer, tablet, or phone with a camera and microphone to complete the video response. Your school or local library may have the technology necessary to complete the video response. Please use the most recent versions of the following browsers for recording the video response:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

If you have any technical issues with the video response, please email admissions@bowdoin.edu.