Bowdoin partners with QuestBridge—a nonprofit organization that matches high-achieving, underserved students with opportunities in higher education. Bowdoin participates in National College Match and enrolls a number of QuestBridge students each year, some through "match" and others through Bowdoin's own admissions processes.

Matched and Non-Matched Students

QuestBridge manages its own application process that begins in the late summer before a student's senior year. Students selected by QuestBridge and "matched" with Bowdoin receive comprehensive, four-year financial aid packages. These packages, like all aid awards at Bowdoin, do not contain student loans.

Many QuestBridge students will not participate in the match process with Bowdoin. All finalists who rank Bowdoin for the College Match, but did not match to a binding college, will automatically have their applications moved to the Regular Decision process. If you no longer wish to be considered, you must contact the admissions office to withdraw your application.

More Information

Questions about QuestBridge applications or about the Bowdoin relationship with QuestBridge should be directed to Ryan Ricciardi in the admissions office or to