Bowdoin partners with QuestBridge—a nonprofit organization that matches high-achieving, underserved students with opportunities in higher education. Bowdoin participates in National College Match and enrolls a number of QuestBridge students each year, some through "match" and others through our early decision (ED1, ED2) and regular decision (RD) rounds.

Matched and Non-Matched Students

QuestBridge manages its own application process that begins in the late summer before a student's senior year. Students selected by QuestBridge and "matched" with Bowdoin receive comprehensive, four-year financial aid packages. These packages, like all aid awards at Bowdoin, do not contain student loans.

All finalists who rank Bowdoin for the College Match, but did not match to a binding college, will automatically have their applications moved to the RD process. Bowdoin College will accept the QuestBridge application in ED1, ED2, or RD in lieu of the Common Application or Coalition on Scoir Application. If you no longer wish to be considered, you must contact the admissions office to withdraw your application.

Have questions?

View our frequently asked questions page.

Questions about QuestBridge applications or Bowdoin's relationship with QuestBridge may be directed to:

Kate Featherston
Associate Dean of Admissions
Phone 207-208-2675

Bowdoin has your QuestBridge application. Now what?

Once Bowdoin has received your application from QuestBridge, you will receive an application acknowledgement from Bowdoin with instructions about accessing your application portal. Once you log in, you will be able to complete the Bowdoin Supplement, which includes a short essay and your testing preferences. All non-matched finalists, non-participating finalists, or non-finalists will need to complete the Bowdoin Supplement to finalize their EDI, EDII, or RD application. Match finalists are not required to complete the supplemental essay, but are required to indicate their testing preference.  

Can I apply early decision (ED1, ED2)?

Yes! You need to let us know immediately by emailing us at if you wish to apply EDI or EDII so that we can change your election and forward the necessary documents. All early decision applicants must complete the Early Decision Agreement.  

What are the deadlines and requirements?

Our Early Decision 1 deadline is November 15, and our Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision deadlines are January 6. See our deadlines and requirements page for more information.

Requirements (except Match finalists):

Bowdoin Supplement and Testing Preference Complete the short essay and testing preference found in your application portal.
Midyear Report Sent by your high school counselor
Transcript We accept official or unofficial copies of your high school transcript.
Early Decision Agreement (ED1, ED2 applicants only)

Complete the agreement found in your application portal.

(Optional) Test Scores (SAT, ACT)

We accept official or unofficial copies of your score reports.  

Learn more about our test optional policy

(Optional) Arts Supplement

If you have a notable visual or performing arts talent, complete the Bowdoin Arts Supplement.

Financial Aid Information 

Bowdoin is committed to meeting the full demonstrated financial need of all admitted students, and does so with grants—not loans—and limited student employment.  

If you are matched with Bowdoin, your financial aid will cover all direct costs each semester for eight semesters at Bowdoin. Please remember that you and your family will be responsible for covering indirect expenses, and you should plan accordingly to pay for these items.

If you do not participate in the Match process or you are not matched and apply to the College in ED1, ED2, or RD, you should follow the Apply for Aid instructions. The admission round you choose will determine your deadline to apply for aid. If admitted, Bowdoin will meet your full demonstrated need according to our standard policies and procedures.

Students participating in the College Match are encouraged to speak with the Bowdoin's Office of Student Aid to understand the components of an award package and the terminology used in financial aid awards. Bowdoin’s financial aid office welcomes your questions, and its staff are available to make the aid process as easy as possible for you and your family. 

Contact the Student Aid Office at or by calling 207-725-3144 for more detailed answers to questions about our student aid policies or procedures.