Homeschooled Students

Bowdoin College considers applications from qualified homeschool students and recognizes homeschooling as a viable alternative to public/private education. 

All such applications receive especially careful consideration in our evaluation process. Please review our deadlines and requirements for all applicants to the College, in addition to these guidelines specific to Homeschooled candidates.

Homeschooled candidates should feel free to utilize the additional information section in their application to provide pertinent information not otherwise covered by the standard questions. Homeschooled students should submit official transcripts from any courses taken in a community college, summer program, or online course provider. We welcome supplemental curriculum documentation or descriptions, and those can be forwarded to

Standardized testing is not required, as Bowdoin is test optional for all applicants.

Additional Academic Requirement

Homeschool applicants must submit either a graded paper or lab assignment -or- standardized test scores in addition to their other application materials.

  • Graded paper or lab assignment: Must be between three and five pages in length. Please ensure written feedback and grading metrics are included in this submission. Materials can be submitted through the application platform as “additional information” or forwarded to
  • Standardized test scores: Must include results from either the ACT or SAT. Bowdoin superscores test results for either examination and allows students to self-report their scores in the admissions process. Students who choose to matriculate will be required to submit verified test results.

Letters of Recommendation

All applicants to Bowdoin must submit a counselor recommendation, a teacher evaluation, and an additional recommendation. The counselor recommendation and the Secondary School Report should be completed by the applicant’s parent, primary instructor or home school network supervisor. We prefer that the teacher evaluation is submitted by a non-relative instructor that has been directly involved with the student’s academic experience. The additional recommendation may be a second teacher evaluation or a recommendation from a clergy, coach, community-based organization counselor, employer, peer, or community member. Any additional outside recommendations may also be submitted as supplementary material.

Q: Is an interview required for homeschooled applicants?

A: While an interview isn't required, we strongly encourage homeschool students to complete an on- or off-campus interview.

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