US Military Veterans

As an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community, Bowdoin College recognizes the important perspective veterans and active military members can bring to its campus.

Bowdoin seeks students who are bright, engaged in life inside and outside the classroom, and who demonstrate a willingness to take intellectual risks; as a result, the College is a community of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. Bowdoin students thrive within such diversity, and we welcome the perspectives and experiences that our veteran students will add to our campus. 

As Marine Corps veteran and Bowdoin graduate Gil Barndollar says, “Since its founding, Bowdoin has urged its students to ‘exert their talents for the public good.’ I believe the reverse is also true: those who have already served their country, especially in uniform, will benefit most from the community of open inquiry, intellectual rigor, and constructive debate that Bowdoin provides.”

We are committed to supporting you through the application process, and as a student here, as you find your own voice, path, and definition of success in the world around you—throughout your years on campus and beyond.

Veterans find their way to Bowdoin through a number of different paths, including our partnership with Service to School and VetLink. “The Service to School VetLink program will significantly strengthen our ability at Bowdoin to serve the educational needs of veterans, to introduce them to a liberal arts education long dedicated to serving the common good, and to benefit from their knowledge, perspective, and experience,” said Dean of Admissions and Student Aid Whitney Soule.

“In a small way, this is also a partnership that honors the legacy of Bowdoin graduates who have served and led in the military from the War of 1812 through today. We are proud and excited to participate.”

The policies outlined below are in place to ensure current and former members are at home during the process and while at Bowdoin.