If you match with Bowdoin through QuestBridge, your financial aid will cover all direct expenses for eight semesters.

QuestBridge Match Finalists who would like to participate in the matching process should follow all instructions and deadlines provided by the Admissions Office and QuestBridge.

If you are matched with Bowdoin, your financial aid will cover all direct costs each semester for eight semesters at Bowdoin. Please remember that you and your family will be responsible for covering indirect expenses, and you should plan accordingly to pay for these items.

If you are not matched or do not participate in the matching process and decide to apply to the College as a non-matched student, you should follow the instructions on the Apply for Aid page. The admission round you choose will determine your deadline to apply for aid. If admitted, Bowdoin will meet your full demonstrated need according to our standard policies and procedures.

What are direct and indirect expenses?

Direct expenses are those that show up on the semester billing statement from Bowdoin College. These most often include tuition, fees, room, and board (meals).

Indirect expenses are those that do not appear on the bill, but they are additional costs associated with attending the College. These may include books and supplies, personal expenses, and travel.