MyAid Portal

Regardless of student aid status, all enrolled students have access to the MyAid portal to keep track of scholarships, grants, loans, and other important student aid documents.

Access the MyAid portal here.

In your MyAid portal, you will find:

  • Your financial aid award for current and prior years.
  • Your cumulative loan balances.
  • Status of your financial aid application documents.
  • Useful information about the financial aid process, including how to apply for federal loans, how aid works, when you study away, and how to apply for financial aid.

Check your portal regularly to ensure that the Office of Student Aid has received all required documents from your family. Access to the MyAid portal is through the student's Bowdoin single sign-on login process.

Applicants to Bowdoin: Check your Bowdoin admissions portal for information about your financial aid application and notice.