International Students

Bowdoin meets all admitted international students' full demonstrated need with a small on-campus work expectation and grants.
International applicants are required to submit a 2021–2022 CSS Profile (code 3089) to apply for financial aid. If you are unable to submit the CSS Profile or paying the fee would present a financial burden, you may complete and upload the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) instead.

International students are not required to submit a FAFSA since they are ineligible for federal student aid. The Office of Student Aid may request tax or other documents from your family, so please check your Bowdoin admissions portal regularly for updates. Please see the Noncustodial Parents page if your parents are divorced, separated, or never married.

Bowdoin's admissions process is need-aware for international students. However, if admitted, Bowdoin meets your family's demonstrated need with financial aid. If you do not apply for aid or are not eligible for Bowdoin's need-based aid at the time of admission, you will not be considered for financial aid in future years. Please note that international applicants who apply for aid are not considered for transfer admission.

Exchange Rate

Your student financial aid package from Bowdoin will reflect the prevailing exchange rate when packages are determined. You should report income and asset data in your local currency on the CSS Profile. Bowdoin does not adjust student financial aid packages during the year for fluctuations in exchange rates.

Canadian Applicants

Canadian applicants need to apply for available provincial scholarships and bursaries. Please check with your provincial departments of education to determine availability and eligibility. Like state scholarships in the US, provincial scholarships become part of your student financial aid package and reduce eligibility for Bowdoin grant funds.