Student Committee

Students in the Common Good Grant Committee gain the opportunity to learn about grants, foundations, and philanthropy while becoming familiar with local non-profit organizations.


The Common Good Grant program is run each year by a committee of 20+ dedicated students, that are separated into two committees. Students are selected for the committee in the fall semester and participate in weekly educational sessions to learn more about non-profits, the non-profit sector in Maine, grants, and development work.

Apply NOW to be part of the Committee. Applications due Sunday, September 18, 2022 at 11:59p EST.

Common Good Grant Student Committee
Common Good Grant Student Committee

Grant Committee: 

Twelve students are selected to be on this committee. In the spring, the committee reviews submitted proposals, conducts site-visits to grant finalist organizations, and selects the grant recipients, who are presented with checks at the Common Good Grant Awards Ceremony in April.

Development Committee:

Started in 2004, this eight-member committee works to raise funds to add to the $10,000 yearly grant base.  Serving on the Development Committee provides a unique opportunity to participate in a strategic fundraising initiative to benefit local non-profits. Not only do participants work to raise additional funds for the existing grant base, they also increase their understanding of non-profit organizations and gain key fundraising skills in the process. The group develops a case to solicit donations. In pairs, students meet with potential donors in the winter and spring. All funds raised are then added to the Common Good Grant fund, expanding the number of community projects supported.

Questions about the Common Good Grant application or student committee can be directed to Tom Ancona, Associate Director of the McKeen Center for the Common Good.