Bowdoin Public Service Initiative

Launched in fall 2017, the Bowdoin Public Service Initiative provides programming and experiential opportunities for students to gain insight into the rewards and challenges of serving the common good through government agencies, political offices, and organizations affiliated with government function.

Bowdoin Public Service in Washington

Open to 12 current sophomores, the program will explore government and public service work through a 7-week seminar series and week-long immersion trip to Washington, D.C. during the first week of spring break.

Bowdoin Public Service Fellowships

Open to current juniors, the Fellowships program provides funding and programmatic support for a full-time, ten-week summer public service internship in Washington, D.C.

Bowdoin Public Service On-Campus Programming

Partnerships with academic departments and other campus affiliates to increase discussion around pathways in public service. Speakers, panels and symposia on topics in public policy. 

Are you an alum returning to campus? Contact Sarah Chingos regarding our alumni Public Service Profiles series.


To learn more, contact Sarah Chingos, associate director for public service,
McKeen Center