Alternative Breaks

Alternative Break trips provide a unique opportunity for students to participate in an intensive public service experience while increasing their understanding of significant social and environmental problems.

Alternative Spring Break Trips 2022-2023

Trip Dates: Saturday, March 11, 2023 - Saturday, March 18, 2023

Retreat Dates: Saturday, March 11, 2023 - Thursday, March 15, 2023

Trip costs are covered for all students on aid.

America's Longest War: Narcotics, Violence, and Migration in the “Drug Capital of the World” ($600)
Despite four decades of US-led drug control efforts, the overall production, trafficking, and consumption of drugs has remained consistently steady. Notably, the escalation of financial and military efforts against drugs has proliferated violence in Latin America and contributed to racially tinged mass-incarceration in the US. Participants will engage with community organizations in the “Drug Capital of the World” to understand the history and present state of America's War on Drugs.

Led by Edwin Sanchez Huizar '23, Luis Cano Vazquez '23 & Roxana Valdez '24 (Location: Miami, FL)

Blackness, Womanhood, and Violence in Atlanta, Georgia ($500)

Black *womanhood is an intersectionality that is often overlooked, especially in the context of sexual and domestic abuse. In Atlanta, participants will partner with local advocacy, abuse prevention, and resource centers to deepen their understanding of the intersections of race, gender, and sexual and domestic violence, while learning about what local organizations are doing to provide support to survivors. *This ASB trip uses the term womanhood to describe anyone who identifies as women. The trip is open to participants of all races and gender identities. 

Led by Jordyn Birmingham '24 & Shi Thompson '24 (Location: Atlanta, GA)

Crossroads of a Crisis: Housing in San Francisco ($600)
Participants will examine the evolution of the housing crisis in San Francisco from the perspective of job-related immigration and migration. Through service and engagement with community organizations and local advocates, participants will explore how race, class, and citizenship affect the prosperity and wellbeing of different communities. 

Led by Brian Liu '25 & Luna Jiang-Qin '25 (Location: San Francisco, CA)

Tools to Promote Educational Equity in New York City ($450)
Participants will examine some of the complex factors contributing to educational inequity in New York City, including racial, socioeconomic, linguistic, and neurological differences within student populations. Through engaging with local community organizations, students will develop a deeper understanding of best practices for promoting educational equity in urban areas and beyond.

Led by Catherine Cao '25 & Yaerin Wallenberger '25 (Location: New York City, NY) 

NEW: Community Engagement and Self-Care Retreat at Camp Kieve ($200)

 “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Audre Lorde

A commitment to the common good starts with awareness of self, identity, and motivation and must include self-care in order to be fully present with ourselves and others. This Maine-based trip will focus on practicing self-care and how to build reciprocal and ethical community partnerships. Participants will explore self-care practices like yoga, meditation, and journaling, and have opportunities to learn from local community partners about ethical community engagement. Days will be filled with community building and reflection on our own identities, unique journeys, and the many gifts that all of us carry within us. We will have field trips to learn more about the Midcoast area, and there will be plenty of time to rest, read a book, walk, hike, eat yummy food, and learn to recharge.

Co-led by the McKeen Center, Center for Multicultural Life, The Rachel Lord Center, and the Office of Counseling and Wellness (Damariscotta, ME) 

Note: There are no winter break trips for 2022-23.