Past AB Trips

Explore the previous Alternative Breaks to view the vast perspectives of student experiences.
Past AB Trip in Washington
Past AB Trip in Washington

Past Trips

Before this trip I thought of issues of poverty as if they could be drawn on graphs and shoved into political speeches, but now I think of them as a tangle of simple problems that all kinds of people face every day.

- Jessie Turner ’13, Guatemala

The Alternative Break program has a successful and exciting history. The first trip sponsored through the McKeen Center (formerly the Community Service Resource Center) traveled to Peru in 2002. Since then, the program has grown exponentially. In 2010, the Alternative Winter Break projects were added. In 2018, 89 Bowdoin students traveled to 8 destinations. Through all this time, these trips have been designed and led exclusively by students. See below link for descriptions of all the past trips.

Complete list of past Alternative Break projects