McKeen Center Leadership Team

Our McKeen Center Leadership Team works closely with staff to coordinate and oversee specific programs and groups, both on and off campus. These students exemplify our values of learning, serving, and leading for the Common Good. 

Meet our 2023-2024 McKeen Center Student Leadership Team!

Luna Jiang-Qin '25 - Alternative Breaks 

Luna is a junior majoring in Government & Legal Studies and Biology. She has been involved with ASB since her first year, and has also participated in the Bowdoin Volunteer Corps and a BPS summer fellowship with the McKeen Center. Luna is especially interested in community health, health policy, and housing. In her free time she loves knitting, growing scallions, and connecting with people over food.
Sammy Braverman '24 - America Reads and Counts 


Sammy is a senior majoring in Government and Mathematics. She first got involved with the McKeen Center as a participant in the Bowdoin Public Service in Washington program. This summer, she worked on coordinating McKeen Orientation trips. She is very excited to be returning to the America Reads and Counts Program this year! She is passionate about addressing social issues such as educational inequities, health disparities, and criminal justice reform. In her free time she loves to act, do pick up soccer, and play bananagrams.

Ladi Nzeyimana '24 - Antiracism 


Ladi is a senior at Bowdoin, who became involved with the McKeen Center his first year, where he participated in Leading for the Common Good. He likes to play rugby in his free time.

Ereny Morcos '24 - Antiracism 


Ereny is a senior at Bowdoin who has been involved in several McKeen Center programs including the Winter Break Community Engagement Fund and the Bowdoin Public Service cohort, as well as serving as an antiracism fellow. She is incredibly passionate in working with the community through immigration policy reform, addressing racial disparities and amending educational policies and programs. She is excited to work with the McKeen center this upcoming year in creating a safer more inclusive space at Bowdoin for students of color and creating discussions among their white counterparts. In her free time she enjoys trying new food, drawing and painting and listening to music!

Paulina Morales '24 - Bowdoin Public Service 


Paulina is a senior majoring in Government and Education. Over the past few years, Paulina has been involved in various McKeen Center programs, and this year she will be working as one of the Bowdoin Public Service Program Assistants. She is passionate about immigration, human rights in borderlands, and education advocacy. In her free time, Paulina likes to explore coffee shops, museums, and movies!

Aidan Reid '24 - Bowdoin Public Service 


Aidan is a senior studying Government and Urban Studies. At the McKeen Center, he is involved with Bowdoin Votes and the Bowdoin Public Service Initiative where he is a student leader for 2023-24. He is passionate about community service relating to education and urban development. In his free time, he enjoys trail running and checking out new smoothie spots.

Lia Busby '26 - Bowdoin Volunteer Corps

 Lia Busby

Lia is a junior studying Government and Legal Studies, Education, and Urban Studies. Since sophomore year, Lia has been involved with the Student Community Action Network, Winter Break Community Engagement Fund, Bowdoin Public Service in Washington Program, and the Common Good Grant Committee, and now works as one of the Bowdoin Volunteer Corps Program Assistants. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in law and public service and is particularly passionate about housing, labor, transportation/infrastructure, and human rights issues.

Sara Morcos '24 - Bowdoin Volunteer Corps


Sara has worked to support several of the Mckeen Center’s community engagement programs run by students throughout her Bowdoin career. She has been involved in the Common Good Grant Program, WBCEF, participant of ASB, RSU5 tutor, and MCHPP volunteer. Passionate about hunger prevention and its intersectionality with other public health issues and community initiatives, Sara currently co-runs the Bowdoin MCHPP group, most notably starting the @bowdoinmchpp instagram and interviewing notable students from the Americorp VISTA program. She plans to continue these food panel series with new guests in hopes of engaging more Bowdoin students and garnering more community involvement in a unique way: by harnessing the power of social media! In her free time, Sara loves to listen to music, read, go on long reflective walks, and dance.

Jane Hirschman '24 - Bowdoin Votes 


Jane is a senior majoring in government and legal studies and environmental studies. She first became involved with the McKeen Center through the Common Good Grant Program. Last year she was a volunteer with Bowdoin Votes, and she is excited to further her work with the program. In her free time, Jane likes to run, bake, and spend time with her family and friends.

Ellen Salovaara '26 - Bowdoin Votes 


Ellen is a sophomore studying Government and Philosophy. This fall she is working with Bowdoin Votes, following her initial involvement with the program during the fall of her first year at Bowdoin. She is passionate about increasing youth voter turnout and using voting to create change and fight for human rights. Ellen is also passionate about rowing, hiking, and traveling.

Sophia Li '24 - Common Good Grant  


Sophia is a senior studying English and Economics, and she is excited to be a co-leader for the Common Good Grant program this year. Sophia has interned for Texas State Representatives, and during her summers she enjoys working with AAPI and BIPOC-focused nonprofits. Sophia is passionate about civic engagement and non-profit work. In her free time, she likes to read, cook, and facetime her family (mostly her dog).

Kavi Sarna '25 - Common Good Grant 


Kavi is a junior who plans to study Mathematics and Computer Science. He is one of the co-leaders of the Common Good Grant program. Two summers ago, he worked at ProsperityME through a fellowship with the McKeen Center. Kavi is passionate about public service and financial education, and in his spare time enjoys playing soccer.

Moana Gregori '26 - Community Projects Program Assistant


Moana works in the McKeen Center as the Common Good Project Teams Coordinator, connecting volunteer groups with local organisations. She is an Anthropology and Economics major, and passionate about innovative and entrepreneurial education. In her free time, she can be found exploring Maines Nature or scouting the dining halls for oatmeal raisin cookies.  

Sabrina Kearney '26 - Community Projects Program Assistant


Sabrina is a sophomore studying Art History and Economics. She first became involved in the McKeen Center as a Global Citizens fellow last summer where she worked with the Tibetan refugee community in northern India. She is also a member of the Bowdoin Public Service in Washington program. Sabrina is passionate about financial education, non-profit work, and community service. In her free time, she enjoys going to art museums and traveling with friends!  

 Katrina Carrier '24 - Communications


Katrina is the Communications Assistant for the McKeen Center. She is a senior neuroscience major. She has previously been involved with the McKeen Center through Bowdoin Public Service, America Reads and Counts, the Student Community Action Network, and Orientation Trips. She loves to play board games, spend time in the sun, and be with friends in her free time.

Pranav Vadlamudi '26 - Fellowships 


Pranav is a sophomore who intends on majoring in neuroscience and philosophy. Pranav was first involved with the McKeen Center as a member of the Common Good Grant Committee, and receiving the Global Citizens Fellowship and going abroad propelled to him to become as a Fellowship Assistant. He loves engaging with local nonprofits in the mid coast area, and he is interested in issues like rural health disparities and gaps in access to healthcare. Pranav likes to bike, produce music, and play harmonium in his free time!

Francisco Adame-Perez '24  - Student Community Action Network


Francisco became involved with the McKeen Center through o-trips as he led the New Mainers trip and later the Milbridge trip. Francisco was a part of the Student Community Action Network (SCAN) and currently serves as the program assistant for it. He has also participated in ASB. As a senior majoring in Government & Legal Studies, he is particularly interested in U.S. foreign policy and immigration issues. In his free time, he enjoys dancing in the studio or going thrifting!

Alondra Romero '25 - What Matters Dialogues


As the What Matters Program Assistant, Alondra focuses on fostering conversations surrounding meaningful topics to the Bowdoin community and beyond. She is a senior majoring in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies with a minor in psychology and in her free time enjoys hiking around Maine, drawing, and drinking tea!

Applications for 2023-2024 McKeen Center Leadership will open in Spring 2023. Check back for more information! If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Seames.