Parking, Vehicle and Bike Registration

The Office of Safety and Security is responsible for campus parking management and the enforcement of campus parking regulations. 

Cars in a parking lot


Parking management is essential to the smooth operation of the College. The College asks that all members of the campus community voluntarily comply with our parking regulations. Campus parking areas are clearly marked with signage designating faculty/staff/visitor, student, and visitor-only parking.

The Office of Safety and Security strictly enforces parking regulations, mainly during business hours (7 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday-Friday). Students must park in any student lot during these times to avoid receiving a parking ticket. Please avoid the unauthorized use of disabled person and service/emergency parking spaces.

Students may use faculty/staff/visitor parking lots and the Russwurm (Afro-Am) visitor-only lot on weeknights and weekends. One exception is the admissions (Burton-Little) parking area on Saturday from 8 a.m. – noon, which is reserved for people attending campus tours.

All students, faculty, and staff vehicles must have a current state registration and must bear a valid Bowdoin parking decal to utilize any campus parking area. If you have any questions about campus parking, call administrative coordinator Kelly Irving at 207-725-3458, or call the Office of Safety and Security at 207-725-3314.

Vehicle and Bicycle Registration

Bowdoin College assumes no liability for damage to vehicles while parked on campus property

Parking Bans

The Office of Safety and Security will notify the campus community of any parking bans due to weather. Students, faculty, staff, and their guests parked in these areas during a ban may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Do not park in the following lots during parking bans:
Admissions Lot, Chamberlain Hall Lot, Cleaveland Street Lot, Coffin Street Lot, Coles Tower Drive, Dayton Lot, Dudley Coe Lot, Maine Street Lots (Howell, Boody-Johnson, Burnett, Helmreich, MacMillan, Quinby, Ashby), North Campus Drive, Polar Loop (Druckenmiller), Rhodes Hall (front and rear lots), Roux Center Lot, Russwurm Lot, South Campus Drive, Stowe Inn (front lot). Always read your email for the banned lots as this list could change.

Leaving your car on campus during the winter? Make sure you are parked in a lot that is not part of the parking ban lots. For extended periods it is best to leave your car in the Farley lot.

The Town of Brunswick may also issue parking bans and we recommend signing up for automatic notification through the Brunswick Public Works Department.

Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles that are determined to be abandoned will be towed at the owner's expense. If we have the owner's contact information we will reach out to the owner before towing.