Student Parking

To park on campus, student vehicles must display a valid Bowdoin student parking decal. 

Student parking sign

Each year the Executive Director of Safety and Security will send an email to students (except first-years) to inform them of when they can register their vehicle for the current academic year. All students who wish to park a vehicle on campus must register their vehicle by completing this form Student Parking Decal Request.

Student parking fee: The motorized vehicle parking permit cost for students enrolled for the full year is $100 or $50 for a single semester. Permits are specific to full-year, semester one, or semester two.


  • Parking rules are always in force.
  • Your vehicle must have current state registration and have a current Bowdoin parking decal.
  • Adhere your decal to the bottom right rear bumper or lower right corner of the vehicle’s rear window.
  • Students with current Bowdoin parking decals must park in signed student parking lots during business hours, Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
    • Student Parking Lots 
      • 52 Harpswell
      • Brunswick Apartments
      • Farley/Watson
      • Mayflower Apartments
      • Pine Street Apartments
      • Reed House
      • Smith House
      • Stowe Inn (rear lot)
  • Admissions Lot - in addition to Monday-Friday, parking is prohibited on Saturday's from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • First-year students do not have campus parking privileges.
  • Hoverboards and similar devices probited on campus: 
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has investigated hoverboard-related fires across the country. For this and other safety reasons, many colleges, airlines, and municipalities have prohibited their use, charging, and storage. To help ensure the safety of the Bowdoin community and campus visitors, we have also decided to prohibit the use, possession, or storage of hoverboards, smart boards, balance boards, scooters, and similar devices on the Bowdoin College campus until safety standards are developed, approved by the CPSC, and implemented by the manufacturers.
  • Parking spaces: Vehicles may only park in spaces designated by signage and indicated by white painted lines. Parking is prohibited in fire lanes, disabled person spaces (without disabled permit), white or yellow painted diagonal lines, and other specially signed spaces.
  • Students may only register one vehicle (unless replacing a previously registered vehicle).
  • Revocation of Privileges: The accrual of six or more parking violations during an academic year may result in a report to the dean of students and loss of campus parking privileges.
  • Parking accommodations for medical injury/surgery. You may contact Lesley Levy, Director of Student Accessibility, for physician recommended temporary accommodations for a maximum of two weeks. This accommodation will not guarantee parking that is convenient for you. 
    • For injuries that require more than two weeks of accommodations, you will have to obtain a Temporary Disability Placard from the Topsham Department of Motor Vehicles or your local DMV. This requires a physician signature, there is no cost, you will leave the DMV with the placard, and will be able to park in any disabled space on or off campus for the time determined by your physician. 
  • Snow Parking Bans: The executive director of safety and security will notify all students and employees by email of campus and town parking bans. Any vehicle parked in violation of a ban may be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.
  • Fines: Students are responsible for any parking, which are billed to the student through the Bursar.
  • Appeals: Parking violations may be appeals to the Executive Director of Safety and Security within five days of the date of violation. Appeals are processed promptly, and notice of appeal results will be sent via email.
  • Town of Brunswick Parking Tickets: sstudents are responsible for paying parking ticket issued by the Town of Brunswick. For more information: Payment/Appeal of Brunswick Parking Tickets 

For further information, questions, or special accommodations regarding parking at Bowdoin, contact the Office of Safety and Security administrative office at 207-725-3458 or email