Bicycles, Boards, and Scooters

Bicycles, boards, or scooters are the most efficient and environmentally conscious way to get around campus. 

Getting to class, with moments to spare

Bicycle, Board, and Scooter Protection and Registration

Please ride carefully and with all due consideration for the safety and rights of others. Accidental collisions may seriously injure pedestrians, bicyclists, or skaters, and/or cause damage to campus property. A person riding a bicycle, skateboard, or any other coasting device who strikes anyone may be civilly liable for all medical expenses of that victim and any damage done to the victim's property.

Most bicycles and scooters that are stolen were unlocked. To help deter theft and assist Security in returning a lost or stolen bicycle, board, or scooter you should lock your bicycle at all times and complete a Bicycle, Board, or Scooter Registration free of charge. You may also want to consider registering your bike with the National Bike Registry.

We recommend U-bolt locks for bikes. Bike locks are available for purchase at the Bowdoin Bookstore. The College provides bike racks which are convienently located throughout campus. Some residence halls have designated storage rooms. Please do not lock your bicycle to campus light posts or trees.

It is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to hinder building access or egress. Bicycles. boards, or scooters are not permitted to be locked to hand railings, parked in hallways, stairways, exit pathways, ramps, or anywhere that may impede entry or exit from a building. Security will remove bikes that violate ADA.

Maine State Laws
Maine laws generally give bicyclists the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle operators. Bicyclist may use public roads, but they must obey traffic laws, yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, and yield to traffic when entering a road from a driveway. Drivers must give a 3-foot clearance when passing a cyclist. For a complete list of laws please visit Maine biking laws.

Crosswalks are for pedestrians. Bicyclists should dismount and walk their bike across marked crosswalks.

Visit the Town of Brunswick Bicycles and Skateboards for their municipal code of ordinances regarding bikes/skateboards.

Abandoned Bikes, Boards, or Scooters
Bicycles on Bowdoin College property that appear to be abandoned will be taken into custody by the Office of Safety and Security, logged, and stored for a period of one year, or until claimed by the owner. Unclaimed bicycles are donated to charitable organizations.

Persons may coast or ride upon any sidewalk or improved surface used for pedestrian purposes, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Use of these devices for racing, acrobatics, grinding, or other stunts is strictly prohibited. 
  • Riding a device on architectural or landscaped features other than sidewalks is prohibited.
  • All wheels of the device must be on the ground while in use.
  • The use of coasting devices is prohibited within any building or covered area on campus.
  • Persons using roller skates or rollerblades must remove them before entering any campus building.

Hoverboards and Similar Devices Prohibited
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has investigated hoverboard-related fires across the country. For this and other safety reasons, many colleges, airlines, and municipalities have prohibited their use, charging, and storage. To help ensure the safety of the Bowdoin community and campus visitors, we have also decided to prohibit the use, possession, or storage of hoverboards, smart boards, balance boards, scooters, and similar electronic devices on the Bowdoin College campus until safety standards are developed, approved by the CPSC, and implemented by the manufacturers.