Parking Fines and Appeals

Fines are assessed for violations of the College's parking regulations, and are billed through the bursar's office.


Regular Parking Violation (designated signed space, ev charging station, no parking zone, not a parking space, not a student lot, unregistered vehicle, visitor only lot, other)


  • $25 - 1st and 2nd Ticket 
  • $50 - 3rd and 4th ticket - repeat parking violator
  • $100 - 5 or more tickets - habitual parking violator

Repeat Parking Violation Offender: After two fined tickets you will be considered a "repeat offender" and your fines will be increased to $50 up to 4 fined tickets.

Habitual Parking Violation Offender: After 4 fined ticket you will be considered a "habitual offender" and your fines will be increased to $100. Six or more violations in an academic year will require you to meet with the Executive Director of Safety and Security. In the event a report is sent to your dean, your parking privileges may be revoked by the Dean's office. If your parking privilege is revoked you cannot purchase another parking permit and no vehicle formerly registered can used be on campus by any motorist.

Disabled Space, Fire Lane, Parking Ban


  • $50 - 1st ticket
  • $100 - 2nd ticket
  • $200 - 3rd ticket


Parking violations may be appealed within 5 days of the date on the ticket. Complete the Parking Violation Appeal Form online. Appeals are generally heard within 5 business days. Notice of an appeal decision will be sent via email.

Town of Brunswick Parking Tickets

Visit their website for more information Town of Brunswick Parking Tickets Payments/Appeals