Parking Fines and Appeals

Fines assessed for violations of the College's parking regulations are billed through the bursar's office.


Regular parking violations include parking in other than a signed or lined parking space, parking in a no-parking zone, students parking in a faculty/staff or visitor lot during Monday-Friday business hours.

  • $25 - First and second parking ticket
  • $50 - Third and fourth parking tickets
  • $100 - Five or more parking tickets

Habitual Parking Violation Offender: Students who compile six or more parking violations within an academic year will be subject to College discipline, including loss of campus parking privileges.

Violations for unauthorized use of a disabled person parking space, parking in a signed fire lane, and parking in violation of a campus parking ban:

  • $50 - First violation
  • $100 - Second violation
  • $200 - Subsequent violations


Parking violations may be appealed within five days of the date of violation to the Executive Director of Safety and Security. Complete the Parking Violation Appeal Form online (instructions). Visitors, call 207-725-3458. Appeals are processes promptly, usually within five business days. Notice of an appeal decision will be sent via email.

Town of Brunswick Parking Tickets

Town of Brunswick Parking Tickets Payments/Appeals