Crime Prevention and Safety

Bowdoin College is a safe campus. Brunswick is a safe town. Maine is a safe state. Still, crime does happen here.

Violent crime at Bowdoin is exceedingly rare; property crimes like theft are more common. No college is a crime-free utopia. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity that are easily prevented with simple common sense and calm awareness.

 If you see something, say something!
                                Together we can make a difference!

Together, with the common good in mind, we can create a safe community by reporting suspicious activity and caring for the well being of others. Bowdoin does everything it reasonably can to create a safe environment, but ultimately you are responsible for your personal safety. Although campus safety is a community responsibility, your personal safety is largely determined by the choices you make.

Personal and Residential Safety Tips

Pre-Incident Assault Indicators

All people are born with the “Fight or Flight” response. We all have had “hunches” or “gut feelings” about a person or a situation before. Those little hairs that stand up on the back of your neck is your subconscious telling you something is wrong and you need to respond.

There is a 95 percent chance that the opinion formed in the first three to five seconds about a person or situation is correct. Trust your instincts; it is better to react to than deny your intuition.

Call us and we can help! Never hesitate to call security, whether it is an emergency (9-1-1 or 207-725-3500) or you're just locked out (207-725-3314).