Device Loss Prevention

Losing your phone, laptop, tablet, or other devices can be devastating. The Office of Safety and Security can help you prevent theft, and track and recover lost or stolen property.

Device Registration for phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming systems

Have you ever left your phone or other device around campus, in a taxi, or at a restaurant? We offer to students, employees electronic device registration - free of charge. Once you complete the registration you will be sent a small 1.5”x .75” decal to adhere to your device. Often it is difficult or impossible for the finder to determine the owner. Each tag has a unique registration number along with the Safety and Security phone number. Safety and Security maintains a registry of tag numbers and device owners. Once security is contacted that an item has been found, we will notify you.

Laptop Theft Prevention

Bowdoin College provides STOP anti-theft security plates from at no cost to Bowdoin students, faculty, and staff. STOP is a patented anti-theft, recovery and inventory management system. STOP security plates mark equipment with a verifiable registration number, clear warnings, and indelible identification as stolen equipment that renders the equipment useless to a thief. Contact the Office of Safety and Security at 207-725-3458 to set up an appointment to have your free STOP security plate attached to your laptop. Your laptop serial number will be entered into a worldwide database.