Device Prevention

Losing your phone, iPad, laptop, or other electronic device can be devastating. The Office of Safety and Security provides additional ways to add another layer of security to your personal electronic devices. 

Device Registration (cell phones, laptops, tablets, game system, skateboards, scooters, etc)

Have you ever left your phone or other device around campus, in a taxi, at a restaurant, or other places? We offer to students, faculty, and staff  device registration free of charge. Once you complete the registration you will be sent a small 1.5”x .75” decal to adhere to your device. This tag gives a person who finds your device a phone number to call if it is found. The number listed on the decal is the security communication center and is open 24/7/365. Security maintains a list of all the decal numbers and device owners. Once security is contacted that an item has been found, they will alert the owner. 

Laptop Theft Prevention

Bowdoin College has STOP anti-theft security plates from and offers them at no cost to Bowdoin students, faculty, and staff. STOP is a patented anti-theft, recovery and inventory management system. Contact the Office of Safety and Security at 725-3458 for more information or to set up an appointment to have your free STOP security plate installed on your laptop and have your laptop registered in a worldwide database.

Contact the Office of Safety and Security’s administrative office at (207) 725-3548 if you would like more information about these device protection services.