Extended Drop

Extended Drop Request Forms must be submitted by the student's official academic advisor. Spring 2023 Extended Drop is open until Friday, March 10.

New Students: during the first semester at Bowdoin, students may drop a course in the third through the seventh weeks. Extended drops used in a student's first semester do not count against the career limit of two. Permission of the pre-major academic advisor and student dean is required. 

Returning Students: after their first semester, students may drop a total of two courses in their Bowdoin career during weeks three through six of a semester with the permission of their academic advisor only with one exception: students in their second semester still need permission of their student dean to drop below 4.0 credits per Bowdoin's course load policy.

  • Courses dropped through Extended Drop will not appear on the transcript.
  • Students who use an extended drop in their first semester are still eligible to use two additional career extended drops.
  • Students who use their two career extended drops must petition the Recording Committee to drop other courses after the end of Add/Drop II registration period (first two weeks of every semester).
  • At no time may students drop below 3.0 credits during any semester without permission from the Recording Committee.
  • Courses dropped by the Recording Committee appear on the transcript with a grade of W (for withdrawn).

Extended Drop Request Form

Students considering using an Extended Drop must meet with their academic advisor to consider their full slate of options. Using an extended drop is a serious decision that can impact degree completion and should only be made in extenuating circumstances.

The Extended Drop Request Form will ask the advisor to indicate the student's plan to make up the dropped credit. Examples are provided below along with links for more information about the corresponding policies and procedures.