Myhub, via the National Student Clearinghouse, is a free and secure online application where students and alumni can access their verified education records from Bowdoin and all other colleges and universities that participate in Myhub. Myhub offers lifetime access for students and alumni to their complete academic record of enrollment and degrees earned from participating institutions and provides the option to add digital credentials hosted on Credly to the Myhub learner record.

  • Bowdoin students can access the Myhub tile from their dashboard or go to go to, select “CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT” and then enter “Bowdoin College” to sign in automatically with your Bowdoin credentials.
  • Bowdoin alumni can create a Myhub account using social logins connected to LinkedIn or Google: go to and click on "CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT" and then choose the "Login using your LinkedIn or Google account" option to set it up.

Once logged into Myhub, students and alumni can use the “Self Service” link on the dashboard to directly access their enrollment records and order their transcript.

If you are having trouble with your Myhub account, you can submit a support ticket online to NSC Contact Support, email customer service at, or call the service line at 703-742-4200 during normal business hours for assistance.

Students and alumni who wish to bypass the Myhub user experience are welcome to go to and click on the green "Order-Track-Verify" button to initiate a more traditional transcript ordering process.

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  • Hold for Pickup (paper copy at registrar's office - no cost)
  • US Mail (paper copy sent US Mail - no cost)
  • Expedited Shipping (paper copy sent Fed-Ex - transcript is free but the shipping is not)
  • Electronic PDF (secure email - no cost)


  • Current students and those who attended/graduated after 1990 should allow 3-5 business days for any type of transcript request. 

  • Former students who attended/graduated before 1990 should allow 10 business days of processing time, even for e-transcripts.

  • Current students may also request that your transcript be processed "after final grades" are posted or "after your degree is awarded." 

  • Transcript orders can be tracked online through the National Student Clearinghouse and/or you may choose to receive email or text alerts as your request is processed.

  • Federal investigators requiring transcripts should email


  • All official transcripts are produced free of charge to current and former students.

  • The only potential cost associated with a transcript is for expedited shipping - see below.


  • For expedited shipping only, there is a $20 charge paid through the National Student Clearinghouse with a credit card that will only be charged after your order is complete.

    • Selecting "express shipping" when ordering expedites the shipping time for paper transcripts but will not shorten the 3-5 business day processing time.

    • Must include a street address as PO boxes are not accepted by Fed-Ex.

Unofficial Transcripts

Bowdoin College does not produce unofficial transcripts; however, current students are welcome to view and print their unofficial class audit online through Degree Progress. Please review the "Print Degree Audit" section of the Guide to Degree Progress for details.