Student Application

A student must have confirmed a project proposal with an existing community-based social justice organization to apply for this fellowship.

Eligible Organizations

To be eligible for this fellowship, student’s projects must be with US-based non-profits or government organizations whose primary missions are related to creating a fair and equal society in which each individual matters, their rights are recognized and protected, and decisions are made in ways that are fair and honest.  International students can work with organizations in the U.S. or their home country.  Students are encouraged to consider organizations doing work around antiracism.

February 24, 2021


Access the 2021 GCF Social Justice Application today.

A completed application includes the following materials:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Project Proposal (1 page single-spaced) including:
    • Type of service you will be doing and the issue you will be addressing through service;
    • Previous experiences with this type of service and issue;
    • Any relevant academic experience you have with this issue/community;
    • Relevant language or cultural skills related to this project and location;
    • Other community service and leadership experience;
    • Potential challenges or logistical concerns;
    • Whether your work will be in-person, virtual, a mix, or is undecided at this time.
  3. Personal Statement (1 page single-spaced) answering the following questions:
    • What do you seek to give (and gain) from this experience?
    • Why have you chosen this particular organization/location/cause for your project?
    • How does this project connect to your academic experience and future plans?
    • How do you plan to bring your experience back to the Bowdoin community?
  4. Resume
  5. Letter/email from the committed partner organization
  6. Two Bowdoin references, one of which must be a faculty member with whom you have had a course. Please note - you should not have to submit full letters of reference. We will reach out to your reference contacts with any questions.

Please note that the McKeen Center will consult with the Dean of Students office to ensure that all candidates are in good standing.

For more information on the Global Citizens Fellowship throughout the year please contact Tom Ancona

Traditional Global Citizens Application Information

For more information on the Global Citizens Fellowship throughout the year please contact Tom Ancona