Global Citizens Fellowship

The Global Citizens Fellowship provides students with the opportunity to pursue community-oriented summer volunteer and public service projects outside of the United States.


The Global Citizens Fellowship provides students with the opportunity to pursue community-oriented summer volunteer and public service projects outside of the United States.

The intent of the program is to support student projects that are independently designed and focus on providing direct service by working with locally-led social impact organizations. By enabling students to immerse themselves in foreign contexts, the Global Citizens Fellowship aims to encourage a broadening of perspective among volunteers, the communities in which they will work, and the Bowdoin community to which they will return.
Global Citizens Application

2024 GCF Application is now live.

Learn more and apply from the GCF Application Info page.

Fellowships of $6,000 (with an additional $1,000 expenses supplement for students of aid) will cover the cost of travel and living expenses for ten weeks.  Fellowships will not pay the costs of joining one of the many varieties of international "service trips" or "service tours" available for purchase. Applicants are welcome to propose projects of their own design and choosing, but if you aren't sure where to start, we encourage you to consider browsing Omprakash — a global network of locally-led social impact organizations. Please see the Omprakash page for more information about our partnership with Omprakash around this fellowship. See the GCF Application page for more tips on finding an organization.

**Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule a time to talk with Tom Ancona in the McKeen Center prior to applying for a Global Citizens Fellowship**


 As part of the fellowship, participants are required to:

  1. Participate in an in-person pre-departure seminar and online learning through Omprakash in Spring Semester;
  2. Convene with other fellowship recipients and staff upon return to campus for discussion, reflection and to identify common themes which could be addressed through campus-wide educational programming;
  3. Support McKeen Center work around issues explored during the Global Citizens Fellowship


To be eligible for this fellowship, students must work in-person in a non-US-based non-profit or NGO. Preference is given to smaller organizations with local governance and leadership over international NGOs with satellite offices in a specific country (for example: a European non-profit operating in a South American city).

The fellowship is open to all Bowdoin students in good standing who apply during their first, sophomore, or junior years. If you are not a US citizen or a green card holder, you should speak with Dean Khuong or Eduardo Pazos Palma regarding your eligibility prior to submitting an application. 

Please note that the McKeen Center will conduct a disciplinary standing check with the Dean of Students office for fellowship finalists.

Travel Advisory & CovID-19 Information

Interested students should check the US State Department Travel Advisories prior to applying to Global Citizens and throughout the preparation process for going abroad.

  • Fellows MAY travel to State Department Advisory Level 1, 2, or 3 countries.
  • Fellows MAY NOT travel to a State Department Advisory Level 4 country unless this level is only related to CovID-19.
  • All accepted Fellows traveling to a Level 3 or higher country will need their parents or guardians to sign an Indemnification & Waiver form from Bowdoin.

We also encourage all students to review the CDC and WHO advisories, although Global Citizens selection decisions will not be based on these criteria.


  • February 3, 2023: Fellowship application due at noon EST
  • February 24, 2023: Fellows are notified of acceptance into the program by this date
  • Spring 2023: Fellows participate in an in-person seminar and an online curriculum through Omprakash
  • June-August 2023: Fellows work at their project sites (virtually or in-person) and complete their project poster
  • September 2024: Fellows are invited back for reflection with their cohort & Bowdoin staff and faculty

Global Citizens Fellowship History

The Global Citizens Fellowship program is made possible through the generosity of Artistotle Investors Ltd., John Morrill, and Michael '60 and Linda Frieze through the Frieze Family Foundation of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston.