Omada for Cigna

Omada for Cigna is a program available to employees and their dependents who are enrolled in one of the College’s Cigna health plans and who are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Omada provides a personalized program that’s based on science, backed by a professional health coach, supportive peer group, and easy-to-use technology.  If accepted into the program, you’ll receive the program at no cost for up to two years.  The Omada program empowers you to achieve your health goals and starts with a core 16-week Foundations phase, organized into four areas:

  • Changing Food Habits
  • Increasing Activity Levels
  • Preparing for Challenges
  • Reinforcing Health Choices

Participants then enter the Focus phase for the remainder of the first year (and thereafter, if applicable) to continue building health habits. 

If you are registered at, Omada conducts outreaches through email to potentially eligible individuals every 3 months.  Individuals interested in the program can learn more and find out if they meet the clinical enrollment criteria to participate in the program at any time by visiting:

Those who complete the health screener and are eligible to enroll will receive an email invitation to join the Omada Program.  The email will provide instructions on setting up their Omada account online.  Participants can set up their account on their own time with no strict deadline, but the sooner they set it up, the sooner an individual can begin the program.  Within a few weeks of completing the account setup, participants receive a welcome kit in the mail.  The welcome kit contains a ready-to-use wireless scale to monitor progress that is already synced to their private Omada account.  Groups generally kick off each Sunday to include an introductory online message from the coach, the first lesson being “unlocked” and access to the group message board.

If at any point in the process someone has questions about the status of their application or account, they can email, call (888) 409-8687, or check out Omada’s help center articles at