Life Insurance

Bowdoin College offers two life insurance plans that will pay a benefit to your beneficiary(-ies) in the event of your death.

Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance

Both are “term” life insurance plans -- there is no cash value unless you die while you are an employee of the College and are covered by one or both of the plans.

NOTE: A beneficiary is the person who receives a benefit. In the case of life insurance, this would be the person you choose to receive your life insurance benefit if you die.

Bowdoin College Hartford Policy for Life, Supplemental Life and LTD

Important Tips about Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance

  • You must choose a beneficiary for both basic and employee supplemental life insurance.
  • You may choose more than one beneficiary. If you do this, your total benefit will be split among the beneficiaries by the percentage that you choose.
  • You can also choose “contingent beneficiaries” or secondary beneficiaries, who will receive the benefit if something happens to both you and your primary beneficiary.
  • You can change your beneficiaries as often as you wish.
  • YOU are automatically the beneficiary of any dependent supplemental life insurance that you elect.
  • The Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance are portable plans or can be converted to a whole life policy. This means that if you leave Bowdoin College, you can apply (within 31 days) to keep the policy and pay the insurance company directly.