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Bowdoin College Compliance Training (Faculty and Staff) 

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Course description: Explore the many facets of workplace harassment prevention through multiple scenarios, clear explanations, and knowledge checks. This training will include:
  • What is workplace harassment?
  • Why does harassment take place?
  • Protected Groups
  • Types of Harassment: Wrongful Acts, Unlawful Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Hostile Environment, Quid Pro Quo, Electronic Harassment, Workplace Bullying
  • Consensual Relationships
  • Retailation
  • How to Report
  • Conclusion
Course description: This course will provide practical guidance for supervisors related to harassment and discrimination. Among other subjects, the training will cover:
  • How to handle reports of discrimination, including harassment, from employees
  • What steps to take after a report to ensure: Your employee feels safe and supported; Your institution is protected
  • Ways to avoid retaliation or the appearance of it if an accusation is made

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E-Learning Spotlight

Kindness by Orly Wahba

Orly Wahba is here to talk to us about the magic of kindness. As a middle-school teacher, she wanted to make a difference in the life of her students, so she designed “Act of Kindness” cards. These super-simple cards contained directions such as “open the door for someone” or “invite someone to have lunch with you,” along with an instruction to pass on the card once you were done. She wanted her kids to see the ripple effect of kindness.

Book"The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World With Kindness" by Linda Kaplan and Robin Koval

Related Article - "Leadership: Why Kindness is an underated quality at work" by Karen Liebenguth

Quote - "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see" by Mark Twain

Each topic offers a short video with related material. This is a resource for your professional development or for team discussion at a staff meeting.