Writing Project Courses

Students in courses that work with the Writing Project will meet with writing assistants to work on essays, papers, or lab reports.

After writing marginal and summary comments on the drafts, Writing Assistants meet with each writer to discuss the writer's ideas and ways to improve their presentation to a reader. After the conversation with the Assistant, the writer revises the paper before turning it in to the professor for further feedback and a grade. Writing Assistants have no role in grading the papers.

Writers in Writing Project courses are responsible for writing a serious draft and submitting it to the course instructor with a self-assessment form. They sign up for conferences and meet with their Writing Assistant as scheduled. After their conferences, they revise their papers in whatever ways they choose, proofread, and turn papers in to the course professor with the first draft and the completed self-assessment form.

Faculty members wishing to have Writing Assistants read and respond to papers for all students in one of their courses contact the interim director of the Writing Project, Meredith McCarroll (207-721-5056, mmccarro@bowdoin.edu), a few weeks before registration for that semester. They schedule draft and final dates for relevant assignments that allow time--normally ten days--for reading drafts, conducting conferences, and making thoughtful revisions. Faculty members who participate in the program require participation of all writers in their class, as they find that nearly all students benefit from the perspective of an attentive reader who is not a specialist in the field, as well as from the process of drafting, seeking feedback, and revising.

Writing Project Courses for Fall 2019

  • Anthropology 1101:  Intro to Cultural Anthropology - Willi Lempert
  • CSCI 2510:   Creating Future Worlds: Computing, Ethics and Society - Stacy Doore
  • Cinema Studies 1101:  Film Narrative - Tricia Welsch
  • English 2104:  King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - Emma Maggie Solberg
  • German/Environmental Studies 1155: Into the Wild - Jens Klenner
  • Government 1600:  Introduction to International Relations - Barbara Elias
  • GSWS 1101:  Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies - Jennifer Scanlon
  • Sociology 1101:  Introducation to Sociology - Marcos Lopez