English for Multilingual Speakers (EMS)


English for Multilingual Speakers (EMS)

Students who are multilingual or who have nonnative English speaking parents are welcome to work with Lisa Flanagan, Bowdoin College's English for Multilingual Speakers (EMS) advisor.

Topics addressed in individual, confidential, tutoring sessions with Lisa:

  • Pronunciation, grammar, register, and academic norms of Western writing
  • First year adjustment to rigorous college demands for reading and writing
  • Western conventions on citations and plagiarism
  • Offering supplemental support to domestic students who wish to augment their writing skills.

Any student who grew up speaking more than one language is welcome to make an appointment with Lisa by emailing her at lflanag2@bowdoin.edu or contacting Tammis Donovan, Administrative Coordinator at tdonovan@bowdoin.edu. You may schedule a regular weekly appointment or meet when you have something in particular you want to discuss.

EMS Office Hours: Tuesdays through Fridays, 8:30-5:00 pm.